• Why choose Holiday Sickness Helpline?

    Our team specialises in travel claims and we have helped over 43,636 clients with travel related compensation claims. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and ability to go the extra mile.

  • Conditional Fee Agreement / no win no fee*

    Holiday Claims will normally accept your case under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) more commonly known as “No Win, No Fee”. If your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t have to pay us a penny*. There are no initial fees to start your claim.

  • Package Travel Regulations 1992

    Damages in travel claims can usually be broken down into four segments:

    • Loss of value;
    • Out-of-pocket expenses;
    • Loss of enjoyment;
    • Personal injury.

    If you have sustained any of the above, you may be eligible to claim compensation if the holiday was not as described or you fell ill / was injured due to negligence from the tour operators.

  • The Athens Convention 1974

    If you need to make a claim for injury or illness sustained on a cruise ship or out at sea, you will need to claim under The Athens Convention 1974.

  • The Montréal Convention 1999

    If you have been injured or fallen sick on an aircraft due to negligence from the package holiday operator, you will need to claim under The Montréal Convention 1999.

  • What is the time limit for making a claim?

    3 Years from the date of illness, but we are currently only able to take claims no less than 2 years 6 months old.

  • I did not travel on a ‘package holiday’, I booked the flights and hotel separately. Can I still make a claim?

    Unfortunately we are unable to assist with any claims unless they were on a ‘package holiday’.

  • The hotel was not ‘all inclusive’, ‘full board’ or ‘half board’. Can I still make a claim?

    Unfortunately we are unable to assist with any claims unless they were on a ‘package holiday’ with an ‘all inclusive’, ‘full board’ or ‘half board’ hotel.

  • The hotel was ‘all inclusive’/‘full board’/ ‘half board’ but I ate outside of the hotel complex a few times. Can I still make a claim?

    No you cannot claim as you need to be on an ‘All inclusive” (with flights included). This is because the illness needs to have originated from the hotel and that you haven’t come in to contact with food anywhere outside the hotel. 

  • I was ill but I didn’t go to the doctor or hospital, can I still make a claim?

    Yes, although helpful, medical records are not essential. Many people are embarrassed about symptoms or may make a recovery from the worst symptoms after a few days, Many people understandably choose not to seek medical treatment. The hotel may have records of other people who were also ill at a similar time. Your family/friends could also give witness evidence to confirm that you were ill if absolutely necessary.

  • I do not have the dates of my holiday, can I still make a claim?

    You will need this information in order to register a claim. You should of course start by checking your e-mails for a copy of the booking confirmation. In particular, you should ask the person who booked the holiday to check their e-mails for a record. You should also be able to obtain this information from the travel agent that you booked the holiday with.

  • Whether your holiday can be defined as an all-inclusive package holiday or just a business trip at a hotel, Holiday Claims can help you claim compensation from the majority of popular package holiday and tour operators, including:

    • Airtours;
    • British Airwys;
    • Balcan;
    • Cosmos;
    • Crystal;
    • Direct Holidays UK;
    • Easyjet;
    • First Choice;
    • Kuoni;
    • Libra;
    • Monarch;
    • Olypic;
    • Saga;
    • Thomas Cook;
    • Thomson.

    To make a claim under the Package Travel Regulations 1992, we need to be able to demonstrate that the operator showed a lack of reasonable care and skill in the supply of your holiday or the food & drink provided was not of satisfactory quality. The expected level of skill and care will be considered on a case-by-case basis in relation to the country where the illness or injury occurred.

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