How to make the most out of your all-inclusive holiday

For some, all-inclusive holidays are the way forward. Some may recoil at the idea of an all-inclusive. Whatever your preference, there are some strong arguments as to why package holidays are the way forward.

Whether its the holiday food binge you are after or a continuous supply of mojitos, check out some of our tips to ensure your holiday stays safe, happy and enjoyable!

1) Travel at the right time

There is nothing worse than arriving at your holiday destination and being greeted by a tropical storm, thunder, rain or even worse…cold. Unless of course, you like that?! Before booking your holiday, ensure you check and double check average weather.

For those wishing to have a child – free holiday, check the school holidays and whether your holiday destination is on/off peak. Otherwise you could end up battling for a sun lounger!

2) Find the best deal

We have all been there. You find a deal, think its great. Then get to the resort and overhear a couple who spent significantly less. Whilst there is no guarantee that what you book is the best deal, always ensure you have done some digging around to find the best deal, time to travel and hotel reviews from third part sites such as Tripadvisor. 

3) Check what you are eating and drinking

Our clients have told us of some horror stories. Most of our holiday sickness claims can be attributed to food. As with all places, always check what you are eating and ensure meat is throughly cooked. Drink plenty of bottled water and pack some anti-nausea and diarrhoea!

4) Befriend the staff

Knowing who to talk to and when can be a great asset to receiving some extra luxuries. One of the greatest things about most holiday resorts is the friendliness of staff who usually go out of their way  to ensure all your needs are met. Make a few friends and guaranteed (OK, maybe not guaranteed) you will get the best seats, greatest deals and a little bit more rum added to your cocktail!

5) Explore the local area

Whilst not all all-inclusive locations boast a diverse local area, it is worth (if possible), to explore the local area. If you have spent significant funds to go to the destination, consider venturing out and seeing life beyond the resort or alternatively, liaise with your travel rep for organised day trips. It really is the best way to see the world!

Whilst the above is merely a snippet of things to do when on all inclusive, the most important is to stay safe, healthy and happy.

Happy holidaying!

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