Lail family wins £5,750

Delhi Belly, Turkish Tummy – there are a multitude of names to describe common holiday sickness bugs.

Whether it’s vomiting, diarrhoea or cramps, these symptoms alongside others are usually signs of food poisoning.

With all-inclusive holidays, majority of all resorts will serve buffet style food which can mean some meat dishes are continuously reheated over a short period of time or salad is left exposed to natural elements.

If you have fallen ill, it’s probably safe to assume other holiday makers have fallen ill too.

Our most recent case with the Lail family resulted in a £5,750 compensation claim for 4 days of illness on a 10 day, all-inclusive holiday to Kos last year.

What happened?

A family of 5 including two teenage children and a toddler visited a popular 4 star resort on the island of Kos in July 2015. Having booked the holiday via a popular travel operator, they thought they would be in safe hands and hotel standards would be high.

With it being a 10-day holiday, their plan was to spend the first couple of days enjoying resort facilities before booking in poplar excursions. Unfortunately, on the third day, Mrs Lail began complaining of cramps which ultimately resulted in sickness and diarrhoea. Sadly, Mr Lail and his two eldest sons also fell ill soon after.

In total, the family of five were ill for a period of four days individually.

How we helped them claim

Holiday Sickness Helpline approached the tour operator requesting details of the family’s holiday including resort information. Fortunately, the Lail family had all the holiday information at hand including the ATOL certificate.

Investigation into the resort found that the hotel failed to uphold certain standards of cleanliness and food hygiene rating. Because the Lail family booked the holiday via a tour operator, they were protected against The Package Tours Regulations 1992 act meant they were able to claim against the tour operator.

Whilst the family didn’t have any official medical records, eye witnesses and other holiday makers at the time of the event were privy to the illness and an additional 13 guests complained of holiday sickness. Utilising their experiences, we presented the evidence to the tour operator who agreed a settlement fee of £5,750 for all four members of the family.

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