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Staying healthy on a cruise

Although most cruises will go smoothly for people there can be the occasions where an illness spreads through ship causing illness to many passengers or the danger of becoming dehydrated or having sunstroke. Here are a few tips that we have accumulated from our customers to help you stay healthy and well on your next cruise.

Visit your Local Travel Specialist

Visit a doctor or nurse who is specialised in the travel industry. They will be able to tell you what the latest illness’s are for the areas you are going to dock and whether a vaccine is required for where you will be visiting or if one is not needed at all.

Always Take Sanitizer

Although cruise liners are generally, very strict on cleanliness and hygiene. Always take sanitizer with you. It only costs a few pounds and can stop you getting a virus when there is nowhere else to maintain your normally excellent hygiene.

Don’t Share

Seems very extreme but unless you completely trust the person you are on with don’t be tempted to share anything not even a taste of their drink as this is one of the most common ways a virus can be spread between people on cruises.

Stay Hydrated

Seems like an obvious point but on a cruise it can be very easy to become dehydrated especially while enjoying the sun on deck. Don’t forgot to drink ample bottled water, to keep yourself hydrated and keep you feeling at your best.

Avoid Tap Water

While on a cruise avoid tap water as much as possible. Although this is normally safe for you to drink on the odd occasion that contamination does occur it can cause serious illness and ruin your cruise.

Rest Up and Get Plenty Of Sleep

Getting plenty of sleep will certainly not help prevent you getting a virus but it will bolster your immune system allowing you to fight off any illness quicker and get back to enjoying your holiday.

Goes easy on the alcohol

Although you are on holiday go easy on alcohol. The normally warm condition will mean you are more dehydrated than normal and alcohol will only make this worse. To add to this drinking so much that you become sick will only make you feel more seasick than you may do already.

Wear Sunscreen

Another no brainer, but often overlooked.  Put on plenty of sunscreen during the day while on deck to stop yourself burning or getting sun stroke.

Overall the best way to stay healthy on a cruise is by following the steps outlined above, both on the cruise and while docked. Have you been ill on a cruise in the last 3 years for 3 days or more? Contact us today, you could be entitled to a holiday sickness pay-out.

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