Do you know how much you can claim?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers is how much compensation they are entitled to.

Every case we undertake varies therefore, there are many factors that are taken into consideration when the final claim is decided. With that in mind, we can provide our customers a top line guide on how much they could possibly claim with Holiday Sickness Helpline.

Our guide below breaks down common holiday sickness and injury concerns.

£550 – £3500

Dependent on how long you were sick for, this takes into consideration pain, cramps and diarrhoea if you were sick for longer than 3 days. This range of compensation is most popular with holiday and cruise ship sickness and is most commonly awarded with our clients.

£3500 – £8,000

Cramps, bowel discomfort, fatigue – most caused by severe food poisoning. If your illness resulted in hospital admission and took weeks to recover, you could claim up to £8,000 with us. The longer it took you to recover, the more you are entitled to claim for.

£8,000 – £18,000

Moving towards higher figures, we have won multiple cases for our clients who have been left with indefinite symptoms as a direct result from severe food poisoning. If the illness has affected parts of your daily life including food consumption, bowel movements, sleep patterns and sex life, you are entitled to claim up to £18,000.

£18,000 +

Severe debilitation of health due to holiday sickness including acute vomiting, bowel problems and pain. If you fell sick on holiday and has impacted your life on a daily basis since, you could be entitled to claim significant funds, especially if loss of enjoyment and earnings can be verified.

The above figures should only be viewed as a guideline to what you may be entitled to. Our team of legal experts will review your case and based on circumstances, provide you with a more detailed breakdown of what compensation you are entitled to.

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