2017 Holiday Destinations

Here at holiday sickness helpline we know how much everyone loves a good holiday and we also know that after Christmas everyone is a bit strapped for their hard earned money. So we have decided to help you out with your next holiday. Beat the winter blues by entering our holiday voucher giveaway! We are offering one lucky fan the chance to win a £1,000 holiday voucher with us. Just imagine, it’s practically a free holiday!

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Here is a short list some of the top 2017 destinations we think are must visits this coming year especially if you win the holiday voucher:

  1. Canada- Canada offers a country with a reputation of being inclusive and friendly. They will also be celebrating 150 years since confederation. Coupled with this a weak Canadian dollar will give you more spending money while your enjoying the celebrations. For further information on Canada, visit www.canada.travel


  1. Bermuda- This stunning island offers a taste of Britain in a Caribbean Island being that it is actually and English province. The island benefits from Rich blue seas, sunshine and warm temperatures. What else could you want? For more information on Bermuda please visit their tourism site: http://www.gotobermuda.co.uk/


  1. Finland- Celebrating 100 years since they were declared as an independent country Finland, when else would be a better time to visit the country? The country is planning events from concerts to sauna events. With hectares of pine trees and crisscrossing rivers for those who are interested in viewing the outstanding beauty within country.


  1. Spain- Boasting a rich history and natural beauty, with a diverse landscape mixing beautiful sandy beaches with both traditional and modern architecture through the Spanish cities. The choices of where to go in Spain is up to you with areas such as the Algarve, Costa Del Sol and many others.


  1. Cuba- Often described as the party capital of the Caribbean, Cuba has been Salsa enthused like nowhere else, with many bars, restaurants and clubs to choose from. But this beautiful island is not just for party lovers and benefits from sun, music, history and delicious food.


  1. Greece- Offering a holiday destination for every kind of holidaymaker you cant go wrong with Greece. Visit the capital Athens to get a taste of Greek history and their shopping, or visit Santorini if you want to sun bath and visit the local fishing towns. These are just a few of many places to visit in Greece.


  1. Cyprus- Benefitting from all year round sunshine what else could you want? The island is split into an East and West side, the east benefits from a rich nightlife, activity-laden activities and water sports. The west is family friendly with plenty of history and a small dose of nightlife.


  1. Mexico– The main destination for tourists in Mexico is Cancun, which offers culture, history, attractions and fantastic weather. Sounds like the perfect holiday. Also benefitting from a rich nightlife with plenty of bars and nightclubs to dance the night away, Mexico has everything you would ever need for the perfect holiday.


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Win a £1,000 Holiday Voucher

Here at Holiday Sickness Helpline we know how much everyone loves a good holiday and we also know that after Christmas, everyone is a bit strapped for their hard earned money. So we have decided to help you out with your next holiday in 2017. We are giving away a £1,000 holiday voucher to a location of your choice!

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Staying healthy on a cruise

Although most cruises will go smoothly for people there can be the occasions where an illness spreads through ship causing illness to many passengers or the danger of becoming dehydrated or having sunstroke. Here are a few tips that we have accumulated from our customers to help you stay healthy and well on your next cruise.

Visit your Local Travel Specialist

Visit a doctor or nurse who is specialised in the travel industry. They will be able to tell you what the latest illness’s are for the areas you are going to dock and whether a vaccine is required for where you will be visiting or if one is not needed at all.

Always Take Sanitizer

Although cruise liners are generally, very strict on cleanliness and hygiene. Always take sanitizer with you. It only costs a few pounds and can stop you getting a virus when there is nowhere else to maintain your normally excellent hygiene.

Don’t Share

Seems very extreme but unless you completely trust the person you are on with don’t be tempted to share anything not even a taste of their drink as this is one of the most common ways a virus can be spread between people on cruises.

Stay Hydrated

Seems like an obvious point but on a cruise it can be very easy to become dehydrated especially while enjoying the sun on deck. Don’t forgot to drink ample bottled water, to keep yourself hydrated and keep you feeling at your best.

Avoid Tap Water

While on a cruise avoid tap water as much as possible. Although this is normally safe for you to drink on the odd occasion that contamination does occur it can cause serious illness and ruin your cruise.

Rest Up and Get Plenty Of Sleep

Getting plenty of sleep will certainly not help prevent you getting a virus but it will bolster your immune system allowing you to fight off any illness quicker and get back to enjoying your holiday.

Goes easy on the alcohol

Although you are on holiday go easy on alcohol. The normally warm condition will mean you are more dehydrated than normal and alcohol will only make this worse. To add to this drinking so much that you become sick will only make you feel more seasick than you may do already.

Wear Sunscreen

Another no brainer, but often overlooked.  Put on plenty of sunscreen during the day while on deck to stop yourself burning or getting sun stroke.

Overall the best way to stay healthy on a cruise is by following the steps outlined above, both on the cruise and while docked. Have you been ill on a cruise in the last 3 years for 3 days or more? Contact us today, you could be entitled to a holiday sickness pay-out.

Do you know how much you can claim?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers is how much compensation they are entitled to.

Every case we undertake varies therefore, there are many factors that are taken into consideration when the final claim is decided. With that in mind, we can provide our customers a top line guide on how much they could possibly claim with Holiday Sickness Helpline.

Our guide below breaks down common holiday sickness and injury concerns.

£550 – £3500

Dependent on how long you were sick for, this takes into consideration pain, cramps and diarrhoea if you were sick for longer than 3 days. This range of compensation is most popular with holiday and cruise ship sickness and is most commonly awarded with our clients.

£3500 – £8,000

Cramps, bowel discomfort, fatigue – most caused by severe food poisoning. If your illness resulted in hospital admission and took weeks to recover, you could claim up to £8,000 with us. The longer it took you to recover, the more you are entitled to claim for.

£8,000 – £18,000

Moving towards higher figures, we have won multiple cases for our clients who have been left with indefinite symptoms as a direct result from severe food poisoning. If the illness has affected parts of your daily life including food consumption, bowel movements, sleep patterns and sex life, you are entitled to claim up to £18,000.

£18,000 +

Severe debilitation of health due to holiday sickness including acute vomiting, bowel problems and pain. If you fell sick on holiday and has impacted your life on a daily basis since, you could be entitled to claim significant funds, especially if loss of enjoyment and earnings can be verified.

The above figures should only be viewed as a guideline to what you may be entitled to. Our team of legal experts will review your case and based on circumstances, provide you with a more detailed breakdown of what compensation you are entitled to.

Get in touch today by calling us on 0161 814 8834 or completing an enquiry online and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

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